This little writing is not for delicate souls .. it’s extremely personal and is about sex, proximity and limits I feel has disappeared in an adult digitized world.

I’ve been single since February 2017 and jøsses, it’s never been easier to get sex, pick and choose and not invest anything by itself .. but just get the physical needs posed.

You just have to show as little of yourself as possible and say yes.

At last there was single on the “business card”, I was really a big child. 18 years and in many ways a girl who believed in the romance and curiosity of other people, guys and my own sexuality, it has not changed now. There are just some things I’ve become wiser about myself since then

But has the world changed so much since we are not interested in each other more that the most close and intimate you can share with another human being is being traded, as it was a liter of milk that should quench your thirst and settle your need?

I become sexually frustrated when I can not “see the other human being” mark what I want, “I can not quench and shut down for my curiosity and want to be attracted to a human being based on how that human being is acting and dream of life. I’ll feel like a chemistry and if the humor fits and not because it’s just going to be easy to get the quick bang after 3 sentences, shit so I might have ended in the wrong time-age 😂 😂

It’s also like we’ve turned around in the natural order and jump into bed with each other first, then we judge if we want to get to know the other person to know further. What the fuck !! There is a fire in me of anger and frustration, for how far do I hear so in this world? So I do not want to spread bones to get “access” to the other person, it is a shattered order in my opinion.

Yes, I’m a woman and no men may not have the same way and of course there are exceptions, I’m not looking at all men down or generalizing. I’ve probably just been a little challenged in the opposite and fair enough lately , but in fact it is (scientifically proven) that when a woman has sex with a man, she is emotionally more attracted / connected to the man afterwards than what the man is in the woman if it goes too fast. For him it’s usually about getting his “switch” closed and he is well pleased. It is such an ur-thing and physical / biological response that is built into our system / body. It has really put my thoughts and feelings on my mind. Because there is something that is frightened in our perception, something that I do not want to jump on.

I hear more and more women say, “Well, I can shut off and shut down for my feelings and just have sex” seriously is that a fucking good thing ?? !! ?? !! It is unnatural and we are also closing down for the really good sex because the woman will never be able to commit herself completely. Not because there must be promises of ringing the finger, that everything should be so “bound” etc.

Before we get intimate with each other, that’s not where I want to, just let me fix it, but for the sake we can not just look at eachother, feel the person you’re sitting with and feel the attraction before throwing in the layers? When did it change? And if I say and demand more, I get bluntly thrown at me and get to know that “just being single today, you just have to realize that” I’ve got a little too many times gradually. I’m sorry to say that !! And if that’s the way it’s to be single today, I have to say sorry. Because I do not want to be part of it, I need more, I want to feel it all and not hide from my physical needs because proximity and curiosity are become taboo and “too intimate” in the “single world”.

From the heart of a frustrated adult girl .. still believing that there is more gold and fetching when we dare to be honest to each other and to ourselves. When did you say and do and agree to something where you really wanted to do something else?

Because it’s “just so” or expected of you where you compromise yourself? “I’d like to know that I belong to an extinct race, a new box that I really want to throw me in ❤️ ❤️  Remember yourself for the heck, I refuse to compromise myself more 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 or turn off and shut down to “fit in” what others expect of me because some pages to “just like that” – Follow as the others, no thanks, I do not actually need 😉

With happiness bubbles and love and fancy the magic moments that create chemistry and good sex. Thank you for choosing to read in my discoveries.




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