The most delicious summer drink. Because I do not drink more soda and because it all just gets more festive when there is little color in the glass, I sat for a very hot summer day and wanted something cold delicious and tasteful not least. From here there were not many minutes before I stood in the kitchen and studied the sad remnants, but it did not seem to be so stupid, for my absolute favorite drink took shape that day and some of them have been drinking since then

NUMBER: 1 Person (when you want to pamper yourself) or 2 party glasses for 2 people (for a little enjoyment).



2 orange
1 Lemon
Reef ginger
Ice cubes

Squeeze all citrus fruits and then tear a suitable amount of ginger into the juices (depending on how strong you want it). Bring a handful of ice cubes in your glass (preferably a party glass it will make it all the better).


Mmm delicious 🙂


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