What is a miracle?

Are they or are they as real as fairy tales? What if they exist, would you choose to live your life differently? If now you were shown the way into the miracles, could you close your eyes again for the little miracles of life that make life come true?

I believe in them, I feel them completely into my cells because I see them, experience them and live hand in hand with them. So wake up, you will not! See the beauty that is just the nose of you that shows you ALL what life can be and how to live your full potential, happy and filled with joy every single day.

Such were my thoughts, the first time I took a small step into the land of the Miracles, it is my own inner, my own wisdom, my spirituality. Something we all have in us, something we all have the opportunity to “wake up” if we want, it’s not just some “few selected” who have skills and gifts or there are spoken and spiritual. Every human being has the opportunity to embrace the miracles from our hearts. The inner wisdom that guides us into the most beautiful one exists, namely our full potential.

Do you feel challenged, stung to and provoked when I get stuck, like I can stop all the calendar months of the year? A fact, simply.

I have taken and had the discussion many times, from the other saying. Yes, it’s good enough. I’m not one of them, I do not have the abilities and gifts and talents that other spiritualities unfold. I have been so skeptical that I have both mocked and grinned and shook my head.

In my heart, I have always believed that there is more between heaven and earth. Just this assurance that there is something bigger than us. Just did not know what. Could not explain where this feeling came from. I believe that we all have it in us, this wisdom and the belief that there are some things bigger than us.

It’s a trick to talk about taboo and a little too “alternatively”, but if you sit alone, turn off everything about you, all the disturbances, the phone, the entertainment, only your own company. What do you feel like, a longing for a void, a silence that’s hard to accommodate? feelings you can not describe?

The miracles unfold if we want or not whether we want to see them or let them pass as “random” events.


What does spirituality and miracles really do with each other?

The inexplicable, what we can not describe, but as we know is true, in our innermost. That’s what we can not put on or explain ourselves, it’s just, it’s a wisdom, a certainty and a truth that does not need to be explained.

We get touched, there are things in our hearts that call us, a longing we feel, what is the meaning of life, why is that the big mystery? What if it’s hidden inside you, but you just did not dare open it, look at it, take it out and love it. What if the miracles are us, without we knowing, are proved what we really can, what’s really possible?

I love the miracles, always loved the stories where it “inexplicable” and the questions rolled into the stories of people who had survived the most inhumane things. Had achieved the largest of the largest. When things have been magically successful and where inspiration grows, every word and feelings were recalled in me.

So do you believe in miracles or do you want to live a life without seeing them around you?


With love for everything I feel and my own little spiritual and curious side, have a beautiful day

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