Inner children, why is it important now?

Shit I resisted to “get in touch” with my infant, the first time I got an exercise and task that would make contact. Excuse me what in the world should it do? Felt me ​​silly. What was worse, I could not connect with my inner child, felt a bit like the student who could not figure out the homework

Then we got a meditation and a guidening to the inner child. I became more and more impatient and frustrated, where the hell is my infant and where does she hide? Felt both wrong and stupid, why was it so hard for me to get in touch with this part and side of me?

When we are children, we are clean and innocent and have no “no hat” there is nothing impossible and the whole world is an adventure filled with fantasy animals and fun. The older we become, the more “adults” we will be, the more we forget this side of us. One page I’ve found out is extremely important because of several things.

1: It’s our “channel” or “phone line” for our creativity

2: It’s our barometer of how we really go and have it, how are you enjoying yourself, have you overheard and ignored yourself and your own needs?

3: The inner child is also our guide until the part of us where the passion lives and spirits that can guide us towards our way of life

So how does your inner child have it?

Are you good at skipping meals, ignoring and postponing when going to the toilet when you are tired, do you go to bed? Are you told when you do not want to go to family birthday? Not because you do not want to see people but because you do not have the profits and maybe just do not want to?

We say that we must “hear the truth from full men and women” what do they have in common? They have no inhibitions. They do not stay back and follow impulses and what they want, right now.

We forget how important it is to play when we grow up, how to play and play, and allow yourself to follow your own childhood, actually brings in contact with your inner “compass” and guiding system. This way you feel stronger in yourself, you notice your boundaries and needs more clearly, and thus also feel happiness and happiness even more.

I’m childish, it’s a huge part of me, I have not always acknowledged that I’ve had her wrapped away for several years because I did not feel she was “fit” to have with. Today, I know it’s one of my greatest qualities.


Thankful for the Childish-fun and my playful heart




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