It’s simply super exciting here. It has doted my curiosity for a long time. I have respect for this period I would add and I think it’s completely wild what this little information can help and support around when you know it is at stake. There is therefore nothing that is random 😉


What is Mercury Retrograd actually about?

Ask yourself, the moon knows we play a big part in our tide, but the other planets why do we never hear what they are doing or affecting? Are they just hanging out or affecting us without us even aware of it? Mercury in retrograd has a very exciting impact on us, on our communication and electronics.

In fact, it is something that extends over 1 month. During this period it is good to reflect, pull the plug and let you be thoughtful.

It’s also a good time to look at the tasks or existing projects that you have left in the drawer, for which you can work on, complete, or fine-tune. It’s not a good time to start new tasks. Nor is it a good time to travel, as traffic and electronics will be affected during this time, there are often more delays as well. Keep yourself from signing documents during this period and do not start new relationships at this time either, then deter a bad period to reboot in general.

Communication can be skewed and more misunderstandings occur than usual. In fact, during the period, after finding out that there was anything called Mercury in Retrograd, I experienced some rather thoughtful things. In fact, both the dishwasher and the washing machine were broken during this period. I have been sitting in a cafe where all the power went on the street. Computer and phone bore and seem unstable. It seems almost like some sci-fi movie, but it’s actually true. It is thoughtful that it happens “just for the nose of us” without us even knowing it. I’ve gathered some videos and links below on some very good explanations of precisely Merkur Retrograd – that’s super exciting reading and information;)

Merkur Retrograd

Read in details all about it here which describes in detail what is going on and be curious about this fun planet and what it really affects us and our lives with, several times a year.

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