Who do you point out, do wrong or backlash?

Have you thought about why we are talking about the back of people, how we are doing wrong to point them out there are different etc? Now, I write, and when I do, it is not to “point” and make others wrong, but because, as people, we first feel cohesion when we have something to “talk about”. That’s the way we communicate and tie ties with each other when there’s something we can talk about and find a common ground for. In the days when there was no internet and newspapers, it was the way we shared each other’s stories where the elderly gathered the whole tribe / town / family around the fire and told stories and stories about ancestors etc. I still remember where I as a child was absorbed by the old stories and tales of people who were “worth” to talk about. It was the “Sladderblad” of the time, and the only form one could further give stories, stories, honor those who had been. So yes, so I think it’s a very natural thing in us.

However, there is one thing that is slightly different when you point to others to “point them out”. When you talk about the back of people, to make them “wrong” or to emphasize their specialities, mistakes are missing, etc.

When you point to others outside of you, there are 3 fingers pointing directly to you. That is, there is something in you that becomes the trick that needs attention when you have a need to point “others down”. It can deal with more things, only you have answered. It may be that you are envious that others are brave enough to stand by themselves, they are with crooked edges and characters or the choices they take because there are places in your life where you have not listened for yourself. You may have looked after yourself in boxes that others have made for you or because you really want your “strange” or different pages to fit. That you would give yourself room.

It’s ONLY you who know what it is there is pointed out.

I’ve been there just to get stuck, looking at the 3 fingers pointing back, all the way in there where I did not want to look. In fact, I am quite convinced that at one time or another we have spoken or wronged others, cheating their weaknesses or strengths because of their own uncertainties or doubts about those we ourselves are.

It provokes something inside when we are confronted with it from the outside.

I’ve pointed out, making them wrong outside of me because I did not stand safe or honest in myself. Had done that because I longed to feel like “one of the others” or one of the “flock”. The others were “too much” because I had told myself another story about who I should be that I should not be too much. Many times it was because the others I pointed to were courageous, dare to be themselves, strong attitudes, opinions and values ​​they stood by were eloquent, just stood with everything they were without excuse. That was what I longed for at the very heart of being just ME, with all the too much-I had done everything to pack in and out. Finally, a very desperate girl lived in me who would like to have space and feel accepted, by myself, that I could allow myself to be all without explanation or “dimming”. Allow me to be silly, kidding, nerdy, perverted, childish, creative, angry, ugly, provocative, honest, honest, authentic, loving, ambitious, with red lipstick scarves and leather trousers etc. The list is actually long. But inside of me there was a “story” that I could not afford myself to be ALT it. I had been overtaken and knocked down for many years. Both by myself, confirmed in my external environment that it is not acceptable to stick “too much out”. SO many times, I’ve taken my lipstick back before going outside a door, and I always tried to “dress” myself because I did not want to divorce too much of the flock or be her others would get watch out, pay too much attention. So, if I start pointing to others, I quit, because yes, it can still happen, I’m only human. 😉

Here I ask myself what’s pointing to me? Where have I overlooked, ignored or buried something of myself, recently, as I now recognize, in those I want to point out or do wrong? Take power home and stand as YOU beautiful man, because with everything you are, the world becomes just a bit more beautiful and more interesting and easier to be. Finally when we go and try to look like each other because we do not dare to the beautiful unique person we are actually with everything we come with.

With bubbles of Joy and a crooked smile for the unique and different.




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