I would like to share with you how to check if you have overgrowth of CANDIDA in your body. I was surprised how you can find it on your own, without involving the doctor.


How to check if you have an overgrowth of CANDIDA:

1: You can go to the doctor with a “fresh” pile of stools. Afterwords you let them take the necessary tests to judge if there is an overgrowth of CANDIDA in your body.

2: BUT, if you like me thought “YES, there’s another way I can do this, no need to gather my excrements together, I’ll try it out myself, first.”

Then do the following: in the morning when you wake up, collect as much morning germ as you can, like the first before drinking, peeing or doing anything else. Then take a glass of water and spit into the glass. Yes, it’s super simple. Now, then, observe how your saliva responds. Moves around the glass.

a: If your saliva looks like a “smoke cloud” and floats around the glass like some alien, so if you sprinkle a little sugar into the water, respond to the sugar, dive down after it, like a “living” organism. SO you have overcrowding of CANDIDA in your system.

b: Is there a bump of air bubbles on top of the water that is transparent, maybe a little white because of the air bubbles. So you have a healthy system that is in balance with the CANDIDA, which you have in your body just what.

I still remember the first time I saw the “smoke cloud” in the glass that filled most of the glass and moved around like something that was alive. I cried, sobbed and became totally scared, what is it in my system?

The first week without sugar without bread and yeast etc. was a pure hell, I had the worst headache and throbbing head. So I’ve gotten both thrill and migraine so when I say this was bad and lasting, it was really.

I walked around like a zombie and could physically feel how my interior shouted and called for sugar, just a little. Fortunately, I am very stubborn and persistent so once I have made a choice, I’ll go with it. I did, held in and kept on. I was SO tired, had trouble sleeping because of the headache and a very troubled body.

After the first week, I got better and better.

The fog from my head relieved and I began to feel the “colors” everyday and felt that I would no longer fight for my energy. Catch me with sugar, to keep the afternoon out or break out in rage riots I could not understand was triggered, by nothing. It’s a little creepy with the CANDIDA in overweight. Today, I have to pay attention to the CANDIDA in my body, as I feel too much sugar intake on my tongue, like a sweat and a whiter expression than usual.

In fact, you can have different types of symptoms from person to person, so it is also difficult to recognize it because it can trigger different things depending on your body and how long you have had your overweight.


Thank you for being curious about my writing today.

With a gratitude for my wise body.


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